Hurry Up and Wait

I took a weekend off from garden projects and maintenance, and went camping at Pedernales Falls State Park instead. The weather was perfect, and the river cold. There were lots of wildflowers to marvel at, and I have a few pictures of some I have yet to identify for myself. It’s Tuesday, and my legs are still sore from backpacking with a 70 pound pack, and my chigger bites still itch. But I enjoyed myself anyway.

A few pictures from Pedernales:



As I mentioned, no real gardening this past weekend to speak of. But I have a morning ritual, and it tends to involve making coffee and eating breakfast until it gets light, and then wandering out in the garden for ten minutes before getting ready for work. I check for bug or critter damage, pull a lot of weeds, and harvest any produce that’s ready. In the past few days that has meant strawberries!


Today or tomorrow, too, I’ll be harvesting a head of broccoli. There’s tons of lettuce ready, and onions falling over daily.

Otherwise, I’m pretty much just waiting for things to get ripe, finish growing, or whatever it is they do.

Snow peas:

Potatoes are flowering, so presumably they are growing some tubers, too. Tomatoes vines are all setting fruit, most of my cantaloupe are past the seed-leaf stage and developing a few real leaves. Everything is doing what it’s supposed to be doing, just slowly. Well, “slowly” for a human.

This is the part of gardening that teaches me patience.

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