Last Gasp of Summer? Fall?

Hatched right before the freeze…

The Grand Bugapest Hotel

I had a couple brilliant names picked out for this project before it even got off the ground. In fact, it was this one, Grand Bugapest Hotel, that propelled me to make the thing. What? You don’t come up with a name and THEN do the project? I thought everyone did that. Hopefully the roof […]

New fire pit at Katrina's house.

Fire pit and… ?

When I lived further north, I created a fire pit. I really liked it in the cold months (or rather, month). It had a copper bowl at the center, and lots of granite gravel with steel edging to hold it together. But I found it a pain to weed in the warmer months, and it […]

Limestone cutbank in Bear Creek on one of the WQPL lands

Limestone cutbank in Bear Creek on one of the WQPL lands

I took this photo last month. I went out scouting a Water Quality Protection Land preserve with one of my CAMN cohorts. We were considering newer public hike possibilities on the property, so went a lot of places both of us had seen from other angles, but hadn’t visited directly. This cutbank in the creek was one of them. Normally, I see it from above. In wetter times, there is water that would prevent getting to this spot… at least if you wanted to remain dry.

We didn’t really find a better hike route, but we got to see some interesting things… including some possible openings to caves, a lot of wildflowers, a painted bunting, and some pretty large spiders with webs that spanned gaps of 20 feet or more!



Found these on one of my potted plants recently. Seen them around your yard or garden? These are good eggs, literally. Green lacewing larvae (Chrysoperla sp.) voraciously eat small insects all around them as soon as they hatch. One individual can eat as many as 200 aphids or other insects a week. The stalks on […]

Avoiding Monsanto in the Home Garden

It’s getting hard to avoid Monsanto (and other franken-foods) in the grocery store. But apparently even if you grow your own vegetables in your own yard, you’re still not out of the woods. Monsanto owns 40% of the packaged seed producers, too. Fortunately, people with a lot more research time than me have figured out […]

Summer Garden Wrap-up

Yesterday I removed a few mostly-dead tomato plants, cleared some withering cantaloupe vines, and whacked back some of the growth that came after our amazing July rains. But now it’s on to the very oven-esque part of a typical Texas summer. I had a really good cantaloupe yield this season. I harvested eight fully-developed melons. […]