Radish Bounty

I really like radishes. And the more peppery they are, the better. Store-bought radishes – even organically-produced ones – generally fail to have any “heat” and usually don’t interest me, falling in the category of ornamental filler for salads as far as I’m concerned.



But I am sort of wondering if I didn’t go overboard with planting radishes. Between yesterday and this morning I harvested over 55 radishes, most of them the cherubic cherry belle variety, with a dozen or so French breakfast for diversity. The cherry belles are a little sweet, but full of pepperiness, while the French breakfasts are more mild-tasting.

Cherry belle:


Since I’m the pretty much the household’s only consumer of radishes in quantity, I’m going to have to find some lucky outsiders with whom to share the wealth.

As a side note, about 10% of the cherry belles I picked had split right at the root at the base of the bulb, exposing the white innards. In most cases this didn’t affect the edibility or taste at all… just cosmetic. In a few cases it appears this promoted a little rot. This was easy to scrape or cut away, and the remainder was still tasty. I’ve read there are possibly two causes for this: waiting too long to harvest the radish, or watering too much after a drier period. The bulb attempts to store too much water and splits as a result. Consistent, even watering is supposed to help this.

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