Super Chill

This “WX event” roared in much faster than it was forecast, and the temperature dropped far quicker than I expected. I had hoped to cover the plants after the rain and before the cold set in. Unfortunately, that window of opportunity appeared to be about 15 minutes long and occurred at about 7 am. – not noon like I’d planned on.

With some horror, I found ice on everything just after 7:15 this morning. So, in biting cold wind – my face still feels chapped – I went into overdrive and covered all four raised beds with cloth and a layer of plastic. Under all that are the mini christmas lights I’m crediting for helping all of my plants survive the last hard freeze. Managed to finish my rapid deployment in 30 minutes. And I didn’t bust my ass on the back deck which was already iced over.

This routine is getting old. Where’s the Austin I know and love? I suppose I’m glad the potatoes haven’t sprouted. Though, I don’t blame them for hanging back. It’s a cold, cruel world out there.

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