My gardening roots

Since I’m not doing a whole lot of actual gardening these days due to heat and a tree having crushed my yard, I figured I’d post a few photos here that begin to explain where my gardening genetics come from:

Me & Grandpa

That’s my mom’s dad hoisting me into one of the apple trees at the home of my dad’s parents. My maternal grandfather was an old-World gardener. In addition to regular food crops in his extensive gardens, he grafted fruit tree stocks to other trees. Typically he did this with apples, and I remember him having one apple tree with five varieties of apple on it.

Apparently it was all the rage to place the baby on a giant squash of some sort:

Marc & Mom

Grandpa O. & Me

Both of those were also taken at the Opperman homestead, and the adults in the photos are my mom and grandfather. My dad’s dad had aspirations of being a big farmer through the 40s and 50s, though the world took a different direction as I understand it and food became an industrial product. Nevertheless, Grandpa O. had marvelous beds of flowers – zinnias, tiger lilies, chrysanthemums, peonies. He also grew corn (an extremely sweet white corn), many types of squash and melons, apples, and I remember a hazelnut tree in there, too.

As an aside, my parents visited the old Opperman homestead earlier this month, and my grandpa’s flowers are still in bloom next to the barn.

Grandpa's flowers

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