Cookware Planters

Saw these while we were in Fredericksburg a couple weekends ago. Very groovy:

Cookware planters

Cookware planters

I’d skip the succulents, though. Someone was missing the point here. I think they’d make the perfect addition to a foodie-gardener’s space… planted with sun-tolerant herbs like thyme, rosemary, oregano.

These pots (the empty ones) were obviously new, and were very expensive ($175). But I wonder if a trip to a pawn shop or second-hand store might yield good results. Maybe even Ace Mart (though they are pretty expensive). Once you decide to plant in something like this, you’d have to drill holes in the bottom for drainage, so going back to cooking with them would be impossible.

My mom pointed out that metal in Texas heat bakes the roots of a lot of plants. Appropriate for cookware, but not so much for plants. She lines containers like this with plastic pots or simply plants a slightly smaller pot and places it inside the metal container.

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