Gratuitous Flower Photos…

I thought I’d post a few shots I’ve taken from around my garden and elsewhere. Pretty things, great natives, or whatever else strikes my fancy for the moment.

Passion vine currently taking over my back deck. This thing would literally take over the entire back yard if I let it. Its root system must be incredible:

Such alien life-forms we have

Lace cactus… done blooming now, but spectacular in the Spring:

Lace cactus

There are lots of cool spiders hanging about, but this little critter was funny… challenging me for rights to the flower:

Mine mine mine all mine!!

My crinums are blooming right now. I dug out 30 or so bulbs earlier this year and gave them away on Freecycle. I’m wondering how they are doing for the people who took them. I’d be happy to give them to some local readers next Srping when I dig more.

Crinum (mom and dad to the rescue!)

Ice crystals from frostweed stems earlier this year – a nice reminder of cooler (MUCH cooler!) weather. Hard to believe a few short months ago this was all there was of them. Most of my frostweeds are around 6 feet tall now, and ought to start blooming soon. The flowers are an important nectar source for monarchs and other butterflies.

Artistry in Ice

Two-leaf senna. I really hope the seed I nabbed from somewhere comes up this year.

Two-leaf senna

I also nabbed seed of this one, a Texas dandelion. We’ll see if it comes up next Spring:

Texas dandelion

That’s all for now. 🙂

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