Project List

I have a list of projects in my head that mainly stays there. Some, we lack the resources for me to finish, and others are perhaps too impractical. Others stay in my head because I lack the expertise to know how to proceed, victims of inertia. Some languish as a combination of all three.

But maybe if I put them down on paper blog, they’ll get closer to reality somehow.

So without further adieu, and in no particular order:

  • brick walkway from front sidewalk to front door
  • remove grass from side of driveway and make it a wildflower area (it is now unofficially, but there’s a lot of bermuda grass mixed in)
  • find and fix fourth station of the sprinkler system (how do you find control valves, anyway?)
  • build chicken coop out of cedar (ashe juniper) posts and small chicken yard
  • build two to three more raised beds for the side yard and extend drip sprinkler to them
  • remove half of back deck and refurbish remaining part. Put flagstone over underlying cement patio and steps.
  • build larger in-ground vegetable garden in back along fence.
  • build a permanent water feature of some sort.
  • build bamboo trellises for vegetables
  • 350+ gallon rainwater collection system

I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t remember it for now. I will probably add to the list over time.

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