Porter Tomatoes

It turns out the tomato plant my dad raised and gave to me was a porter tomato. It is by far the healthiest, most prolific vine I have. No wonder, too… one website described them as: “developed by Porter & Son Seed Company for Southern regions like Texas. Porter is an old-time drought-tolerant favorite in the Southwest.” Another site considered it a heirloom variety.

Tonight I picked two tomatoes from it, not fully ripe, but close enough they’ll ripen inside in a day or two. They have a more pinkish than reddish hue, are a little oblong, and about the size of a small roma tomato.

Something knocked a nearly-ripe cherry tomato off its vine. Not sure if it was a squirrel because the tomato was otherwise unmolested. I brought it inside to finish ripening.

I’m kinda curious to know how Austin Urban Garden’s pre-emptive strike on her tree-rats is going.

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