Instant Container Garden

 And poof! just like that, a little container garden on the back porch. Thanks to mom and dad for the plants and a little extra soil to fill some of the many clay pots I have around.

I now have…

  • Two types of thyme: English thyme and lemon thyme
  • An orange mint
  • A lavender
  • A cilantro
  • An italian parsley

Since I have a micro-sprinkler line already running to the porch to fill the small fountain I have there, I will most certainly extend that to add a couple dripping things for the pots. I think I already have all the necessary gadgets for that… elbow joints, t-joints, tubing and various little drip heads.

I think the most challenging thing about this now will be to arrange the pots in a pleasing way.

The photo shows just the cilantro and parsley. Taken a few days ago… the thymes, lavender and mint weren’t in yet. New picture in the morning.

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