(Last) Weekend Update, Pt. 2

Back yard, Feb. 27, 2011

Some other notable things I accomplished (with MUCH help from my parents) last weekend:


  • Made it to the Natural Gardener, where we purchased another half-yard of Hill Country Blend soil for the new raised beds.
  • Brought back several tomato transplants from Natural Gardener, too. Two romas and three heirloom varieties, including Chreokees.
  • Cleaned up the rest of the junk in the side bed and made it halfway respectable. Recently I’ve planted guara, oxblood lilies, and flame acanthus in that bed. Considering moving a damianita (chrysactinia mexicana) and some other hardy natives there. I first encountered damianita leading hikes on the formerly disturbed, over-grazed portion of a City Water Quality Protection Land preserve. It has an interesting licorice-like scent, and is evergreen.
  • Drilled out part of the stump of the Chinese tallow and planted prickly pear in the cavity.
  • Extended the micro-sprinkler system to cover the potato beds and cage.
  • Emptied the Hill Country soil into the beds and transplanted some thinned red sails lettuce to the side bed. It’s not looking too well, though, but might sprout back from the roots.
  • planted some broccoli and oak leaf lettuce from my parents

This weekend, I’m hitting the Sunshine Gardens plant sale with friends and then helping them build and plant some raised beds. Assuming we don’t get rained out.

Potato Progress:


Potato today

Radishes are close:


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