Carrots and Onions, oh my!

I am finally starting to see some tiny little carrot sprouts for the two varieties of carrots I planted. Seemed to take them around 12 days to germinate and sprout. I was impatient and thought I had a carrot fail, but no, they just take their time. They aren’t quite at the thinning stage – that might be a few more weeks.

My goal with the carrots is to have enough to make baby food for Lukas. He has been enjoying mushed green beans from the garden, as well as store-bought organic carrots and apples I steamed and pureed. Though, by the time the garden carrots are ready, I suspect he might be eating more than mush.

Also, acting on a tip from Carla over at Austin Urban Gardens, I ordered a bunch of 60 onion plants from Dixondale Farms, a short day sampler of Texas 1015Y (yellow), Contessa, and Hybrid Southern Belle Red onions. My green beans are just beginning to peter out, so by the first week of November, when I get the onions, I should be able to plant them there, as well as the two new beds next to it.

The two new beds still need compost, maybe some soil and a fair amount of mixing. A long-planned extension to the micro-sprinklers is in order, too.

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