Sorta-Ghetto Bamboo Trellis

Bamboo trellis

Well, it’s a little ghetto – the poles are crooked and covered with mildew, and the lashing is sloppy. But I recently had a minor epiphany about this simple, two-hour project I started back in, oh, May. The passion vine and trumpet vine are growing so quickly and prolifically the whole trellis will be completely covered in, what, 3 days?? So who cares if it’s ugly. It just needs to be strong.

A few of the lashings are done with wire for strength, and the rest are tied with normal cotton string. As the vines eventually cover the structure, they’ll begin to hold the bamboo poles in place. If the cotton string gets all fancy and biodegrades, it won’t matter much. Besides, the whole vine structure will die back if it freezes this winter.

With any luck, the top will begin to look like the bottom. Before long, the view of the neighbors and their South Florida back yard will disappear, and the fragrant passion vine will give us a little privacy on our back deck.

And just in case you missed it before, a gratuitous shot of wild sex:

Passion Vine inspiring passion

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