Chainsaw Warrior

Did enough work with the chainsaw over the weekend to realize the cherry tomato vine was not salvageable. It was tangled in the mangled metal cage, and so I pulled the entire mess out. One of my larges autumn sage bushes was pretty much crushed. I used the chainsaw to cut it up. A number of large coneflowers were broken and mangled to the point I just pulled them out, too. I also discovered a large limb from our mimosa tree came down sometime Saturday, and I’ve yet to cut that up. So much else is just crushed, broken or laying over that I’m feeling pretty discouraged and wanting to avoid the whole mess. Gardening through the summer months has always been hard for me, and this has made it worse.

I pulled out a second tomato vine, too. Not because it was damaged, but because it is just past its time. It’s also looking like the porter tomato is past time, too. Essentially it’s just a haven for leaf-footed bugs and worms now.

In short, the back yard is such a disaster, I’m close to avoiding the whole thing until Fall.

I planted green beans on the side of the house  a week ago and they are 4 inches tall. I really need to hook up water on that side before things just wither away. Remembering to hand-water is not my forte.

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