Wired for water

Sunday I had a few hours without needing to worry about Lukas (he and Jenna were out), so I got out the micro-sprinkler supplies and strung up the back porch to irrigate all the pots of my container garden. I have wanted to do this for years, but never had all the supplies nor the same motivation as I do now – a bunch of gorgeous, healthy herbs that would otherwise have trouble struggling through a hot dry summer.

I used a lot of little t-joints to connect the quarter-inch tubing and varying drip heads to deliver the water at measured rates. For small pots I used 1 gallon-per-hour drippers, and for bigger ones, I used 2 gph heads. I originally brought water to the porch to refill a small fountain I built, so it was from this feed that I attached all the rest of the tubing. On the end of the feed to the fountain, I added a 10 gph sprayer with the hopes that will be enough to refill it. Previously that tube was uncapped.

In addition, I finished up the micro-sprinkler lines for the front bed. Ten feet of 1/2″ tubing, ten feet of 1/4″ laser-drilled tubing, and miscellaneous parts later, the front has driplines and a couple 90º spray heads. I plan to include some brown undrilled 1/4″ tubing to water a pot there, too, but haven’t finished that yet.

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