Bush Beans, and other plantings this week

Bush beans

Planted last week, the bush beans have sprouted and are 1-2 inches tall. The pillbugs took some nibbles as first the seed leaves and then the actual leaves pushed their way up. I have 5 such groupings, but this one seemed the healthiest. It’s the farthest from the tomatoes, and probably the group with the most space.

Today I placed several other plants around the yard. All of them were rescued by my mother and brought to Austin. There were two blue-eyed grasses, a broadleaf wood oat, a standing winecup (probably Callirhoe leiocarpa), and a gaura, probably Gaura lindheimeri. (It wasn’t marked, but I think it was this one). The grasses made a nice addition to some front beds that get some open shade with sun in the evening, and if they do well, will really finish out that bed nicely.

Speaking of that bed, I completed it late last year and intended to run micro-sprinkler stuff under the soil but didn’t because I lacked the parts. I eventually forgot about it… until a few nights ago. When the sprinkler system clicked round to the front yard, a gusher of water 8 feet long hit the front door. I’d forgotten even to cap off the pipe I left in the bed. Whoops.

And speaking of mom, I made her some really nice business cards for Mother’s Day as I had a chance to put some full-color cards on the big press at work for free. I had to scramble to find her information, calling dad surreptitiously and then designing a card in under half-an-hour. I think the results were pretty good (though this JPG version doesn’t look quite right):

I guess maybe you can see where I come by this plant stuff… chip off the ol’ block.

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