Featured Plant: Two-Leaf Senna

Two-leaf senna
Senna roemeriana
Wildflower Center link

I collected some seed for this plant somewhere in western Travis County on a roadside near one of the preserves I did work on where it hadn’t been mowed. Today I put some of that seed in different places around the yard to see if it would do anything. I honestly don’t know if it’s the right time of year to plant it, nor if the places I put it will suit it. It likes dry, calcareous soils, and judging from the places I’ve seen it, a lot of sun. That doesn’t really describe too many places in my yard, but maybe it will surprise me.

I guess I like the plant because it was one of the first I identified and remembered by myself. It does have the tell-tale leaves to give a good visual clue.

I also planted seed from an indian mallow (Abutilon incanum) that I collected from a small plant that sprouted and flourished last year in my yard, but didn’t come back on its own after the hard winter.

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