Why I Garden

I posted this originally in December, 2006. It holds up, so I’ll post it now as “current”.

  • Butterflies and bees
  • A desire to make a small positive impact on the environment
  • I love landscape architecture, and seem to have some talents for it
  • I love stone… especially native karst limestone
  • It’s genetic
  • I grew up hating involvement with my parent’s gardening (chores), so naturally now I can’t help myself
  • Typical suburban yards suck
  • It is calming like no other thing to me
  • People around me appreciate it: friends, family, neighbors, strangers
  • It gives me an endless supply of new things to photograph
  • I might inspire my own (step)child one day
  • I learn a lot about my natural environment by observing it so closely
  • I learn a lot about myself
  • I’ve learned some practical skills… like PVC sprinkler pipe repair and, hopefully soon, mortaring stone and brick walls
  • It gives me a chance to slow down and embrace patience
  • To create a haven for native plants
  • I like to putter and build things
  • It provides me an artistic outlet

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