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I haven’t done much with the garden over the last few days… really since before the weekend. Part of it is that since things froze last week, it now looks like Winter to me. I cleared out some of the stuff that froze, and have gone into some form of gardening hibernation mode or something, even though (in Texas, at least) Winter is the season to build new beds and fix up old ones — as long as you don’t need to transplant too much.

I have some new designs on the front bed. In the past two years since I built it, it’s become somewhat tangled and uninteresting to me. I’d like to remove the overpowering lantana and even perhaps the non-native pavonia and replace them with more space-friendly plants. In addition, I’d like to build up a little terracing with native stone and give what is a rectangular bed some curves. It’ll be a good candidate for a lot of the mulch I recently created.

I still drive by large offers of curbside leaf bags, but I resist the urge mainly because I’m sort of out of space in the yard. I think I have 20 bags of ground mulch already. And I have yet to do anything with the leaves from our yard as most have yet to fall. Hopefully with what I’ve got and what’s coming from our yard, that’ll be enough. Maybe by next year around this time, I’ll know.

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