Archive: Overdone

Today I’m feeling like I overdid it on the gardening over the last few days. Too much material-collecting and grinding. Yesterday I also chopped out all the frozen stuff around the yard and cleared out the front bed with intentions to redo it eventually, make it into something a little less crowded and native with more intention to how the stone is placed. I also chopped out the understory of the remaining yaupon holly and bagged that up for the city. It’s too wiry and the branches too kinked for the shredder. I raked up a lot of leaves, though for the most part, many of the leaves are still on the trees, especially the elm. Amazing for Dec. 2!

I was basically lazy today, though I did field a visit by a fly-by-night tree-trimmer. He wanted to whack out most of the front elm (I said no way) but asked him what he’d want to chop down the hated chinese tallow in the back. $350. Hmm. I think I need to get back to Chris Ford and strike up that conversation again.

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