Losing the Garden… No More

It’s been a bunch of weeks since I last posted. Life has tossed me some loops, and it’s been a rough ride. My main concern as far as this space is concerned was that I thought I would no longer have this house and would be returning to the land of rental hell. I had stopped doing anything in the yard besides collecting tomatoes and mowing. It was part of my process of letting go. Somewhere in the midst of feeling like I was needing to let go, I realized my garden is my biggest, most significant place of sanctuary in my life. It’s also one of the bigger ways in which I express my creativity.

Leaving the house appears like it will no longer be the case. I won’t go into those details much, but me keeping the house involves a lot of outside help, for which I’m very grateful. Getting a decent full-time job after my 3 months of unemployment also helps.

This means I feel much better re-engageing with my ‘blog and the greater gardener community on the whole. While I missed the opportunity to apply for Travis County Master Gardener training (just too much uncertainty at the time to go through with it), I still hope to build my friendships with that community, too, as well as the other wonderful people I’ve met through the Austin Garden Bloggers page on Facebook.

I have some topics for posts in mind, so I hope you’ll join me as I re-energize this space!

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