Botanical Interests

On Valentines Day I ordered a bunch of seed from Botanical Interests, and am attempting to be patient while it ships. I should probably have done this a couple weeks ago so I could start transplants, but perhaps better-late-than-never.

I ordered tomatoes and peppers, specifically:

  • 1 ea. Pepper Chile Jalapeno Organic Seed $2.39
  • 1 ea. Tomato Bush Celebrity Seed $3.49
  • 1 ea. Tomato Bush Italian Roma Organic Seed $1.79
  • 1 ea. Tomato Cherry Gardeners Delight Seed $1.69

Seems like a bargain for so much potential food and life.

Their stance on organic, non-genetically-modified seed appeals to me (especially since Monsanto appears poised to take over the world’s seed supply otherwise), and their status as a family-owned business is the icing on the cake.  Support the underdog!

I’m hoping the cats, my wife, and Lukas don’t object to me setting up a few seed trays in our spare bedroom (a.k.a. Lukas’ future bedroom). I will use a clip lamp on a timer and a full-spectrum bulb to help ’em start. I saw someone somewhere had used paper cups to hold small amounts of soil, so perhaps I’ll try that. I already have a nice wooden rack that will hold a plastic nursery flat.

So… just waiting for the postman!

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