Onion Fertilizer Requirements

My dad thought I was crazy paying $10 for onion starts from Dixondale Farms when the same starts can be found at the big box stores for $2-3.

Well, had they been $20 or $30, I might have given pause. But as it is, $10 still seems like a bargain to me. Especially since they’ve been posting instructional videos about the life and times of an onion plant. I think my extra few dollars are paying for a sort of onion owner’s guide – not something I’d get at Home Depot.

This video explains all the specific fertilizer needs of an onion plant, what the plant uses some of the nutrients for, and at what stage. Particularly interesting to me, as a plant nerd, are the benefits of potassium in relation to protecting the plant from freezes, and how they themselves discovered them.

If you’re not a fan of them, their extremely helpful and thorough information – as well as their folksy, personable nature – might win you over… if you’re considering growing onions. They’re available on Facebook, too, where they post regular crop updates, helpful tips, etc.

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