Shout out…

… to Chris at LibraFitness for the kind mention of my blog on her site. I’m a big fan of Chris’ work there, and think a lot of her ideas mesh well with the sort of lifestyle that includes gardening and growing your own vegetables. I have been watching her progress with her container garden and have found a lot of inspiration, especially since vegetable gardening (until now) has not been much of a focus for me.

Her site reminds me, too, of the healthy lifestyle benefits a garden can play. Fresh, organic produce if you choose to grow vegetables and herbs, incredible amounts of exercise when you do your own digging, mulching, hauling, trimming, weeding, raking, etc., and of course, the harder-to-measure benefits of having a place to relax, of flowers blooming, of learning patience as plants take their time.

There might be a longer post in there for both of us… 🙂

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