Featured Plant – Lyreleaf Salvia

Salvia lyrata
Wildflower Center link.

Not strictly a Central Texas native, this plant is native to parts of East Texas, and certainly grows well here. I likely got the plant as seed that sprouted in one bed. Since that time four years ago, I have this plant in all parts of my yard. It seems to like open, gravelly areas (like the middle of my crushed red-granite walkways) or along the edges of my dry waterway. I estimate I have a couple hundred plants when you consider the tiny sprouts everywhere. Not bad for one parent plant!

I particularly like the deep-green leaves with their maroon centers offset by a lavender/purple flower spike. Mine are all blooming well this year. Best I’ve seen. But that probably means a thousand baby lyreleafs next year.

Need some for your yard? I’d be happy to dig you a few.

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