Limestone cutbank in Bear Creek on one of the WQPL lands

Limestone cutbank in Bear Creek on one of the WQPL lands

I took this photo last month. I went out scouting a Water Quality Protection Land preserve with one of my CAMN cohorts. We were considering newer public hike possibilities on the property, so went a lot of places both of us had seen from other angles, but hadn’t visited directly. This cutbank in the creek was one of them. Normally, I see it from above. In wetter times, there is water that would prevent getting to this spot… at least if you wanted to remain dry.

We didn’t really find a better hike route, but we got to see some interesting things… including some possible openings to caves, a lot of wildflowers, a painted bunting, and some pretty large spiders with webs that spanned gaps of 20 feet or more!


My rain barrels are full again! Not too surprising, really, but I had emptied them in preparation for this rain event. I made 10 gallons of compost tea with some of my stored water. Two 5-gallon buckets with a few ounces blackstrap molasses each, a shovel of freshly-dug compost each, and daily stirring. Hopefully, the […]

New Year’s Miscellany

We’re supposed to get a new deluge of rain tonight, but I’m a little reticent to revel in that. I could jinx our chances. That said, I got all the leaves mulched into fine particles suitable for direct mulching or the compost bins. I made perhaps 6 wheelbarrows of fine leaf litter, some of which […]

Updated Rain Barrel Platform

My old makeshift rain barrel platform (constructed of pieces of old pressure-treated lumber) was sinking into the ground, and my rain barrel was listing. So I got a few concrete blocks, some spare brick, and a couple 24″ pavers and constructed a new one: It is very sturdy, level and ultimately reusable. Nothing is mortared […]

Gardening Kindred Spirit?

This week I got the chance to attend a private tour of the properties that comprise the 2011 Travis County Master Gardener’s Association Inside Austin Gardens tour. Given that I’m unemployed, the weekday-date of this preview tour wasn’t as daunting to me. All in the name of professional development, networking and inspiration, right? Jenna and […]

Another Spring Weekend in the Garden

Well, things seem to be humming along outside. I have strawberries, blackberries, Viva Italia tomatoes and broccoli all setting fruit (though, broccoli isn’t technically a fruit… a head or a crown instead.) The blackberries are unexpected because I was under the impression the fruit would develop on this year’s growth but next year. In other […]