New fire pit at Katrina's house.

Fire pit and… ?

When I lived further north, I created a fire pit. I really liked it in the cold months (or rather, month). It had a copper bowl at the center, and lots of granite gravel with steel edging to hold it together. But I found it a pain to weed in the warmer months, and it […]


This weekend I accomplished a number of things that have been long-standing to-do items in the realm of GardenAustin. Most notably, I made margaritas flavored with agarita berries. I’ve been wanting to do that for some time. I jumped in and did it this year, but it wasn’t easy. As anyone who knows agarita will […]

Gardening Kindred Spirit?

This week I got the chance to attend a private tour of the properties that comprise the 2011 Travis County Master Gardener’s Association Inside Austin Gardens tour. Given that I’m unemployed, the weekday-date of this preview tour wasn’t as daunting to me. All in the name of professional development, networking and inspiration, right? Jenna and […]

Very Cheap Cedar Raised Beds

Great ideas for a raised bed that costs $10 in wood. Cedar, to be precise. Not sure I’d bother with the glue, though. Raised cedar beds

A Little Photo-tour of the Yard’s Progress…

I meant to post sooner this past week, but life shot me a sneaky-fast curveball and I lost my job Tuesday. Does this work for me financially? In the short-term, not exactly. Too much uncertainty. Is it the best thing for me in a thousand other ways? Totally. But maybe I’ll talk about that in […]

Neighbor Exclusion Device (NED) Plans

I get to this time of year and I want to build things: structures, landscape forms, garden beds, walkways. It never fails. But so much of the work is seat-of-my-pants with materials I have on-hand. Which, usually, is fine by me. I like improvising and coming up with something innovative with what’s on hand. But […]

I Grow Food Now!

I’ve made some remarkable leaps in growing food in the year I’ve been at it. As I enter my second growing season, I am happy with the both the diversity of food crops I’m growing and some of the methods I’m using. I started to mentally draw out a list of all the vegetables and […]