Melons and Potatoes and Wildflowers

I’ve largely let my garden space go to seed, literally. I have more wildflower seed heads drying in the relentless sun than I think I’ve ever had before, and in parts of the yard that never before had wildflowers. I blame the good rains we had in Spring and my lack of mowing thereafter. One […]

Chocolate Syrup Recipe

I know this has zip to do with gardening, but I wanted to post it so I remembered it. Besides, I gotta write about something even though I’m leaving my garden soon. This one is good, mainly because the site is pretty. But I’ve followed this one a couple times, and I like the […]


This weekend I accomplished a number of things that have been long-standing to-do items in the realm of GardenAustin. Most notably, I made margaritas flavored with agarita berries. I’ve been wanting to do that for some time. I jumped in and did it this year, but it wasn’t easy. As anyone who knows agarita will […]


Today I planted two serrano pepper plants, two viva italia plants, and one roma tomato plant. I might have purchased more at The Natural Gardener today if it hadn’t been too close to the boy’s nap time and he hadn’t been melting down. At least he posed for a few cute candids before the melting […]


My rain barrels are full again! Not too surprising, really, but I had emptied them in preparation for this rain event. I made 10 gallons of compost tea with some of my stored water. Two 5-gallon buckets with a few ounces blackstrap molasses each, a shovel of freshly-dug compost each, and daily stirring. Hopefully, the […]

Potatoes and The Small Fry

Finally got out into the yard this Sunday to do a lot of clean up and preparation work. Such glorious weather! I had the capable help of the boy almost all day. He helped move rocks around (mostly on the scale of pebbles), dig arbitrary holes, and occasionally pull a random weed or kale plant. […]