The Grand Bugapest Hotel

I had a couple brilliant names picked out for this project before it even got off the ground. In fact, it was this one, Grand Bugapest Hotel, that propelled me to make the thing. What? You don’t come up with a name and THEN do the project? I thought everyone did that. Hopefully the roof […]



Found these on one of my potted plants recently. Seen them around your yard or garden? These are good eggs, literally. Green lacewing larvae (Chrysoperla sp.) voraciously eat small insects all around them as soon as they hatch. One individual can eat as many as 200 aphids or other insects a week. The stalks on […]


This weekend I accomplished a number of things that have been long-standing to-do items in the realm of GardenAustin. Most notably, I made margaritas flavored with agarita berries. I’ve been wanting to do that for some time. I jumped in and did it this year, but it wasn’t easy. As anyone who knows agarita will […]


My rain barrels are full again! Not too surprising, really, but I had emptied them in preparation for this rain event. I made 10 gallons of compost tea with some of my stored water. Two 5-gallon buckets with a few ounces blackstrap molasses each, a shovel of freshly-dug compost each, and daily stirring. Hopefully, the […]

The Return of the Gardener

I’m really happy the weather has seemingly made a turn. With it, my willingness to claim I even have a yard/garden has returned, and the urge to hibernate has receded. This weekend I had a very productive time of it in the yard. The usual mowing, weeding, trimming, etc. But some of my effort was […]